Raschel’s fantasy

Raschel’s fantasy is in line of the last project called Future Ghosts. It continues to explore the ability of textile surfaces to capture the influence of the architectural landscape on the creation of a normalized imagery of the housing form. I found in this overlooked filtering curtain an expression of a nostalgic flight back to an idealized past, used to cope with the eclectic feeling of the city. Introducing the concept of the globalization of the local context, this personal version of this textile object acknowledges both sides of the window as one communicative space, defined by the projection of socio/cultural background. Playing with the juxtaposition of multiple archetypes of past to future architectural models, it reflects the ambiguous feeling of attraction. It creates a contemporary imagery of the cityscape fantasy, where the single-family cottage house shares the space with multipurpose tower blocks and modernist houses. Here, it catalyzes the situation of the European capital, Brussels, but this can be applied and understood globally.

Details of the curtain regrouping symbolic buildings from the city of Brussels. 

Visual research 

Representation inside the space. 3D annimation made by Orson Rouffignac.

Here the archetype of a germanic style house with Belgian and Castillan traditional ornementation.

«All of it came to its end. We have change ourselves, as much as our houses and our streets.»
Pierre Tempels, Bruxelles, choses à faire, 1920