Jane Wright, is a interdisciplinary designer who lives and works between Brussels and London. She graduated from the Textile Design MA at the Royal College of Art in London in 2022.

Using her knowledge in textile and industrial design, she provides CMF knowledge and material research development to different disciplines.
In her latest work, she focuses her research on the innovative use of materials and the design of tools to repurpose waste from textile streams into domestic objects and installations. Aware of the wider system and the social implication of its production, she explores the re-use and local re-manufacturing process of what is currently considered waste by the textile industry.

Dedicated to facilitate the design for REUSE strategy to be adopted at scale, she is an active member of GILBARD : a collective organisation that brings artists and designers together, using raw materials sourced from different waste streams while engaging with the local community around this preoccupation. Conceived as a shared space, GILBARD is dedicated to the transmission and co-creation with local resources, it actively aims to reshuffle and rethink our contemporary production methods within the city of Brussels.

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