Future Ghosts

Future Ghosts explore the ability of textile surfaces to offer a moment of contemplation for the space and its community while recontextualizing our own perception of the View. Not only in London, a set of acting façades build this new model of performative architecture. Repeated all over the world, it spreads the idea of a so-called modernity, and infiltrated our imaginary a normalized future habitat.
A window to rethink the evolutive urban picture, aim to bring the social landscape forward.
A mirroring fabric witness our shared relation towards the building’s surrounding. The sensible textile dialogues with the outside - like the process of a camera obscura, it screens what used to be the view.
The locality operates a mutation process on the surface. Exposed to the light, it turns the three standardized, domestic textiles into a reflection of interweaved memories.
They remind us the mark that the architectural landscape leaves on us. Acknowledging the complex reality of the place.
Acting as a palimpsest for the future generation.